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Adsense Can Earn You Money

How many times have you wondered how all the internet millionaires do it? I am not sure about you but for me the number is in the millions. I see website after website on the internet and think, "they must be doing something to earn an income."

They are and it is usually with Google and their Adsense program - at least in the beginning. Most webmasters build a site. Upload it to a server.

Wait for the hits to come rolling in. Unfortunately it is not a Field of Dreams. Just because you build it, does not mean they will visit.
So you study "search engine optimization" or SEO. You learn enough to get a few people to visit. You now have a website with visitors but you have no way of turning it into money. You notice a whole lot of sites are running Adsense. You apply with Google and if you have a decent site, you are approved.
So now what?
You follow their instructions and put the code into your HTML and an Adsense ad appears.
If you are like me you put the brightest, boldest combination, you could find, on the top of the page where everyone will notice. Your ad is 728 pixels across and 90 pixels tall. No one will miss it.

You wait a day and check your Adsense reports.

No clicks! No money!

How can that be? I know they see it.  I know the ads are relevant because Google matches it to my content. I check my stats. I did have visitors.

What am I doing wrong?

Several things.

  First of all when I say, "several things" I mean on my site. This is the rub. What works perfectly on my site might not work on your site and vice versa. So as I explain what I recommend - remember it's what I recommend for me. There is a great chance it will also work for you with maybe a tweak or two.

The ads that work best for me are the large rectangles. 336 by 288 out perform every other ad I have tried as far as money earned. They also get the best click through rate with one exception. The horizontal Link Units.

 Remember the 336 by 288 are content ads. They can be image or text.
The Link Units take your readers to a page of ads where they must click a link again before you earn money.
The 728 by 15 Link Unit gets me my best initial CTR but if you factor the second click the big rectangle is my bread and butter.

Now for the colors. For me bright and bold was not the best way. The minute I "blended" my ads into the color of my website I began to see results.

I did away with the borders. In all reality you can not display a borderless Adsense ad. I know you are now thinking I am wrong. I assure you I am not. All Adsense content ads have borders. So you do the next best thing. You match the border color exactly to your page background color. Like magic you now appear to have a borderless ad.

The next thing I did was change all the top line of the ads to bright blue. The classic link color of the web. You want the ads "blended" but you also want your readers to know they are links. The other lines I often change. So far the grey has seemed to be the best color for CTR.

So now you have a large rectangular ad that appears to be a borderless appealing ad on the top of your page.

Move it!

Put it into your content below your header - top left used to be the ticket. After Google Panda who knows? The new search algorithm Google uses it may not like that placement. You may get more click throughs but if Panda sends less vistors it may not be the way to go.

If you have long articles, add more ads into the content down the page. You can have as many as three content and three link units. You also can have two search boxes.. Do not over do. You do not want a page full of ads but you do want to offer ads and search boxes as a compliment to your content.

I believe if you start with this advice it will give you a good foundation for your Adsense program. Start with this then tweak and test, tweak and test. Use Google Analytics and channels to gain as much information as you can get.

Remember don't reduce trafic sources and user experience to raise click throughs. It doesn't work in the long run!

Do not be afraid of change.

One more piece of advice; do not expect to get rich. If it happens - great! But in the beginning set your goals realistically. Earn enough to pay hosting fees. Then maybe with a little hard work - your car payment.

When you are paying your mortgage with Adsense earnings, I would say you are a success.

When that happens feel free to give me your advice!