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Baby Back Ribs with Fennel

Summary; Barbecue baby back rib recipe with fennel. A no miss way to slow cook your baby back ribs. This recipe for ribs with fennel can also be used with spare ribs. If you want a great recipe for ribs you have found it here. It isn't the same as smoking them for twelve hours but your baby back ribs will taste as good.

Ingredients to feeds two

1 rack pork back ribs , about 1-1/2 to 2 pounds

2 tablespoons black peppercorns

1 tablespoon fennel seed

1 tablespoon dried sage

1 teaspoon celery salt (if you don't have celery salt you can use plain table salt, if you don't have table salt go to the store)

Directs for cooking Baby Back Ribs

1. In a large bowl, mix together the peppercorns, fennel, sage and salt.  Using a blender, spice grinder or food processor blend the spices. If you blend by hand you must crush the peppercorns. Rub mixture into ribs over all surfaces of ribs. Store any remaining rub in tightly covered jar. Old spice jars work well.

2. Prepare banked fire in a charcoal grilll. Banked means - charcoal on the sides - no charcoal in the middle

3. Grill ribs over indirect heat ( in other words in the middle over NO charcoal, turning a couple of times, for about 2 hours, until meat is very tender.

If you use a gas grill - turn off middle burner and cook ribs in center of your grill grate

If using a two burner grill another trick is to place all the  pork ribs on one side of grill and turn off flame to that side. If you do this allow barbeque back ribs another 15 minutes to cook.

You can also cook ribs in a shallow pan in oven for two hours at 275 degrees. Then using direct grilling method (over flame), grill ribs for 15 minutes bone side down. I prefer the first method but the second method is okay if you get rain or inclimate weather and can't spend two hours outside grilling ribs but want a smoke flavor.