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Beer Can Chicken Recipe

Beer can chicken is a Spring and summer favorite. If you are looking for a way to grill the perfect beer can chicken here it is. Just put your chicken on the tower pour one can of beer and a few minutes later a golden

brown beer can chicken.

Beer can chicken is very easy to prepare and some what impressive because of the way it is cooked. You will amaze your friends when they see you insert a beer can into their future dinner.

Ingredients Beer Can Chicken

One roasting chicken for every four guests (4-5 lb. bird)

You will need more chicken per guest if everyone has the same preference. In other words if all your friends like white meat you will need more chickens to make it work.

Your favorite meat rub

One 12oz can of Beer! per bird

Preparation Beer Can Chicken

preheat your grill or light your charcoal

can be done in an oven at 350 degrees but the grill is the best way

rinse your chicken

sprinkle your meat rub onto and into the bird

massage it into the skin both the outside the bird and the inside cavity

open the Beer! pour a couple of oz. into a cup for you to drink

using a church key can opener make four more wholes into the top of the can

put one teaspoon of meat rub into the beer can

slide the chicken onto the can

now the chicken should be on the can legs pointed downward

place the can with chicken onto a heavy baking or roasting pan

place pan directly onto grill at medium heat and close the lid

Cooking time beer can chicken

After 90 minutes pierce the chicken if the juices run clear(not red) it is done. A good place to check is between the thigh and the body.

If not continue to cook beer can chicken checking every ten minutes

It is almost impossible to over cook bird with this method so relax and finish the six pack while waiting

NOTE; Root Beer or any other non diet soft drink can be substituted for the beer.