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Bradford Pear Tree

Bradford pear tree too brittle to be in yards.

A picture story on why I don't recommend a Bradford pear tree for your yard. The are beautiful trees when in bloom but the down side is not worth it. Besides who wants a pear tree that doesn't grow pears? Yes that is correct, a Bradford pear tree doesn't grow fruit! I still don't understand why it's a "pear tree" if it doesn't produce pears.
bradford pear tree

If your yard receives more than a whisper of a wind, expect a Bradford pear tree to snap like a twig every year. I have lived in the house for five years and the tree was 25 feet tall when I first saw it so it was not an immature tree. By the way it had already broken once when I bought the house.

The center of the tree was missing the Bradford tree looked like a goal post. It was a great conversation piece but a funny looking non fruit bearing tree.

The second year we lived in the house the left side of the tree broke. The wind was blowing about twenty miles an hour when I heard the tree snap.

Unofficial count, three Bradford trees broke in my neighborhood that night!


bradford pear tree cut down

My recommendation is to take a chain saw to your pear tree before it falls and takes out a person, fence, dog or knocks over your favorite beverage.

I was lucky mine didn't fall on anything or anybody. I'll admit the blooms are very attractive but certainly not worth the risk.

bradford pear cut with chain saw

This picture was taken shortly after I started to use the chain saw on what was left of the Bradford pear tree.  The left side above the main trunk is where the pear tree broke the second year in our house.

On a better note, the wood from the tree, made good smoking wood for my grill.

boxer dog fawn in yard with bradford pear

Even my 80 pound Boxer is aggravated by the Bradford pear tree breaking every time the wind blows.