A Lazy Island in a Sea of Web Insanity

Celebrity Fantasies

Jennifer-Love Hewitt...Ghost Whisperer with a body worth yelling about

Kate Beckinsale...the wife from "Click" is as hot as ever.

Kate Bosworth...the woman behind the "Man of Steel"

Maria Sharapova..the teenager becomes the Queen of American tennis. Maria Sharapova is here to stay.

Scarlett Johansson..the hottest face in movies is Scarlett Johansson. The previewers say the kiss in her new movie "Match Point" is a classic moment on film.

Brooke Burke. Brooke Burke the old host of Wild On and Rock Star is now the host of Dancing with the Stars.

Nikki Cox...Las Vegas is even brighter with Nikki Cox there so why would they cancel her?

Faith Hill......queen of country. Tim McGraw's wife is the other half of Modern Country's Royal couple.

Sarah Michelle Gellar..Buffy - It's no wonder vampires want her neck.


Julia Roberts...the biggest smile in Hollywood belongs to Julia Roberts. She is Pretty Woman.

Jessica Alba...Fantastic Four wouldn't of even been average without her.



Sheryl Crow..Lance's ex-girl. Sure she can sing a little.

Drew Barrymore..She grew up nice, from E.T to Charlies Angels, Drew  Barrymore has been a favorite.

Charlize Theron...Oscar never  had a date that looked as good as Charlize Theron. If he did he would come out more than once a year.

Jessica Simpson...our little Daisy Duke looks a lot like Jessica Simpson. Who needs Nick when you have man bait like this woman.

Jennifer Garner...Elektra. Our kind of Super hero. Ben Afeck proves he's not blind.

Mariah Carey...singing diva still looks like a million dollars. Nick Cannon is a lucky man.

Halle Berry...what can we say about Halle Berry? We could say plenty but pictures are worth a thousand words. Did you see her picture from Swordfish?

Sandra Bullock..girl next door. In a very nice neighborhood is where you find Sandra Bullock.

Anna Kournakova..a dream in a tennis skirt is Anna Kournikova. The queen of center court may not have won but who cares?

Jessica of the webs most popular women and one of our favorites.

Shania Twain...the hot wiggle with a voice. Shania Twain is Nashville's answer to the energy shortage. It's too bad she doesn't do more of it.

Angelina Jolie... when she isn't saving ids she is dazzling us with her looks.

Carmen Electra ...sizzling hot in every picture.