Christmas and Shopping Carts

I hate stores but I hate online carts – what do I do? I could skip Christmas but that makes for a very unpopular Dad on the 25th of December.

I hate stores because they are full of shoppers. I think it’s very inconsiderate of all of you to want to shop at the same time I am cruising WalMart for specials.

This leads me to being an online shopper.

Something I don’t mind since it looks like I am doing work. I am tapping away, at what people think is my next spell binding blog post, when in all reality I am thumbing through the virtual sale ads at Staples.

This system worked well for me until my latest revelation.

When I am inside the actual store and I put something in my shopping cart it is there until I voluntarily relinquish the item or pay for it. When I am online this doesn’t work. I recently found some things a member of my family may want, I put them into my cart and continued to shop. When I finished I had two items I wanted in my cart. I click the checkout button and much to my surprise, one item was now ten dollars more expensive and the other item was no longer available.

Outrageous I cried!

This was almost enough to send me back to Best Buy…..almost…not quite!

I, in the Christmas spirit of greed and materialism, paid more for the one item and went to another online store and found the second item in stock for ten dollars less. I quickly completed the check out and I was now even.

Even though it didn’t cost me anything but a few minutes, of pretending to blog, I still was aggravated.

Yes I know…….me aggravated?

How unusual!

J Pat

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