Christopher’s Birthday

Today is my son’s birthday. Christopher is the second oldest son and the third youngest son. He is the tallest and the lightest, although TJ and John may dispute the height issue, no one disputes the weight.

Christopher is quiet with a sense of humor drier than dirt. He can make you laugh with the turn of a word and you are never quite sure if he meant to – until you see his sly smile mocking your doubt.

He is as calm as a winter night unless he is excited. Then his vocal delivery becomes a machine gun, never waiting for return fire, before delivering another barrage of words. Chris can be a whole conversation unto himself.

His memory is uncanny. He can recite an entire movie dialogue after seeing a film just once. He also can do the same with South Park episodes, WWE matches and Family Guy shows. A helpful tip – never ask him what he thought of a comedy if you haven’t seen it. He will literally give you word for word every humorous moment. He could be handy if you wanted the condensed version of a movie, unfortunately he never condenses!

Christopher may never shorten his recaps but his life has flashed by, in an instant, to me.

Seems like moments ago, he was a nine pound thirteen ounce bundle of joy. Now he is 122 pounds of personality. His thick glasses of childhood somehow miraculously replaced by good vision. His six inhalers, for adolescent asthma, now is a Zyrtec taken for allergies. His youthful laziness at home is replaced by an employee who works hard at his job and is obviously respected in his work place.

Christopher is now a man but he will always be my boy. One of my top four favorite sons.

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