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Country Style Ribs

Summary; Country ribs recipe both quick and easy.

Ingredients Country Style Ribs

Five pounds country style ribs. Can be either boneless or bone in ribs. Sometimes country style ribs are known as western style ribs.

One cup barbecue sauce. I use Sweey Baby Rays but whatever you like is what you should use.

Two ounces cooking oil

One teaspoon pepper

One tablespoon salt


Cooking Directions Country Style Ribs

Salt and pepper ribs

Cut ribs in half - instead of six inch pieces you should now have three inch pieces

Heat cooking oil in large frying pan over medium to medium high heat

Preheat over 325 degrees

When the oil gets hot put three or four pieces into the pan depending on size.

 Rib should sizzle as soon as it hits oil

Brown the rib pieces on all sides, nothing more nothing less. Just brown them!

Transfer them onto baking pan.

When you have them all brown put them in the heated oven for one hour.

Remove from oven.

Place into large bowl.

Pour barbecue sauce all over them. Now using a flick of the wrist, toss them in the sauce.

If you are unsure - use tongs to coat country style ribs.

Now serve.

I do this about once every two weeks, in the summer when it is too hot too grill out or in the winter when it is too cold.

I hope you like our easy recipe for Country Style Ribs.