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Chili The Easy Way

Summary; Chili is always popular but as the days get colder the thought of a spicy bowl of chili with beans sounds better than ever but who has time? Try this simple method to make a chili when times doesn't allow for a full day of slow cooking. It isn't quite as good as our traditional chili recipe but it will hold you over till you find the time to make the good stuff.

Chili Recipe Ingredients

Cooking Oil

One Large Can (110 oz.) of Bush's Chili Beans (Pinto Beans in Chili Sauce)

One Large Can (6 lbs. 12 oz.) of Hormel Chili No Beans (the two cans are the same size)

One Large Onion - Spanish if possible

One Cup water

Optional Ingredients

4 oz. Chili powder

4 oz. Cumin

2 oz. Black Pepper

2 oz. Salt

1 oz. Hot Sauce

Chili Directions

Cover bottom of large pot with cooking oil

Heat a large pot over medium heat

Dice onion while pot heats

Sauté onion until translucent (kind of see through)

Pour Bean Liquid into pot plus water

For Spicy Chili Pour Optional Ingredients into pot and stir

Heat liquid until steam appears

Add beans - heat until steam appears

Add Chili No Beans

Heat on medium, stirring occasionally, until bubbles appear (slight, very slight boil)

Turn down Heat and Simmer until ready to eat - longer the better but it is ready to eat now

Makes about 20 bowls of chili

Breakfast the Next Day

My favorite breakfast is one I first saw as a teenager in the Mapes Hotel Restaurant in Reno, NV. The Mapes has long ago been torn down but I still honor it every time I make a batch of chili.

Mapes South of the Border Breakfast


Two eggs

Two slices of bread

8 oz. of chili


Heat pan or electric griddle to approximately 275 degrees

using a small bowl, heat chili in microwave till hot - I use "reheat" button then cook for 30 more seconds after "reheat" cycle ( tip; If bottom of bowl is warm chili is too )

break eggs into pan or onto griddle cook until whites become solid -flip eggs - turn off pan or griddle

toast bread

put toast onto plate side by side

lay one egg onto each piece of toast

pour chili over eggs and toast

I then put a few sprinkles of hot sauce onto chili but that is optional

Believe it or not this is my favorite breakfast!


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