ESPN Needs to be Benched

If ESPN was a psychic we would all be buying sun tan lotion in the rain.

How can their commentators show their faces in public let alone national TV?

First there was there ridiculous prediction that the Clemson Tigers would “destroy” my beloved West Virginia Mountaineers by Kirk Herbstreit. It wouldn’t even be close ESPN’s Mark May said. Okay, so he was right on that one, he just had the wrong team winning. ESPN said, West Virginia couldn’t keep up scoring with the Tigers.

Couldn’t keep up? How about WVU doubling the Clemson score? Is that keeping up? ESPN’s Todd McShay said Clemson was a sure bet to win. He should be fired and forced to pay back any debts his sure bet statement generated.

Now we get to the Steelers vs. Broncos game. Everyone of ESPN’s talking pin heads picked the Steelers. Almost every single one of them said Tim Tebow couldn’t quarterback a NFL team to a playoff victory. Whether you like or hate Tebow one fact is undeniable – he quarterbacked a NFL team to a playoff victory.

Sure the Broncos winning was an upset but aren’t they supposed to be the experts? Aren’t they supposed to know something we don’t? I know something they don’t – they are idiots!

If an NFL player had the kind of performance the ESPN brainless trust has had this week they wouldn’t be benched they would be cut from the team.

Isn’t it about time ESPN starts including their peoples stats on Sports Center? This week they would be the top two ( or more ) spots on the worst of the worst.

If not include their prediction percentages at least publicly apologize for the careless and thoughtless predictions. I say “thoughtless’ because in both the WVU and Denver games they not only got it horribly wrong they were rude and condescending, to the teams and players. It’s one thing to be wrong, it’s another to be rude and they were rude. Believe it or not these kids and NFL players have not only feelings but also family and ESPN most certainly hurt both with their ill manners.

Not a single sports fan should give one iota of attention to the next predictions these guys make. They are wrong more than they are right.

A magic eight ball would give you more insight but of course the toy has a higher IQ than Kirk Herbstreit

I, for one, will boycott all ESPN pre game sponsors as long as they continue to demean the players needlessly with their mean spirited and insanely incorrect forecasts.

In other words – say something mean about my team or the other team and both Tostidos and Home Depot can kiss my ass.

It might not make a drop of difference to those mammoth companies but at least I know I am not supporting ESPN’s behavior with my money.

My prediction – I will be eating Doritos and shopping at Lowes this year beacuse ESPN is too stupid to change.

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