Facebook the Site of Experts

There is nothing I hate worse than fools on Facebook who pontificate their worldly views. Get a clue. If you are on Facebook telling people your political and economic views it means you have already driven off every friend who would have listened to you in person.

No one wants to hear your take on the Gore vs. Bush election. It was 11 friggin years ago. And how come it’s always the Bush people who want to complain about it? Didn’t they win?

If I see that stupid 2000 red and blue county map one more time I am going to roll it up and insert it into the providers rear aperture. It almost would of been interesting if we elected our Presidents based on how many counties they win. Unfortunately for you morons, that has nothing to do with how we decide our Commander in Chief, so your eleven year old map is as boring as you are.

Now for the ones who yap endlessly about our current President, when almost every pretend online friend you have, is just on their account to show their latest mirror photos and play Farmville or some other game which takes the IQ of a drunked gnat to participate. You too can shut up!

If I voted for Obama, your endless whining isn’t going to make me think I was wrong. If I didn’t vote for him, you are going to make me regret that I agreed with a boring, bitter person like you.

Either way, don’t you get it? If he fails we all fail. The economy, stuttering like a car running out of fuel, doesn’t do any of us any good. You, hoping he runs the country farther into the toilet than Bush did, doesn’t make you look like a genius it just makes people look unemployed.

You don’t like him – we get it – boy do we get it! Every damn night I go online I see your mind numbing posts. If you don’t like him get off your ass (and Facebook) and do something about it in regards to 2012. But for God’s sake don’t put it on the wall every day. I am tired off it.

Furthermore we know you once took a Freshman political science class. That obviously makes you an expert in your mind. But only in your mind. You couldn’t tell me the difference between the country’s debt ceiling and your mother’s popcorn ceiling.

Also that D you received in Sophomore Economics doesn’t impress me. Yes, you know Reagan was a proponent of the Trickle Down Theory. You also think it has something to do with low flow toilets.

So just stop, please stop.

Facebook should be a place to read updates about friends and family and view a few photos, without getting a nightly lesson in your stupidity.

If I wanted that I’d watch Fox News.

J Pat

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