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Planting a Fall Garden

Believe it or not, this is best time to plant your Fall garden. In the southern United States late Summer is the time to start thinking about plants like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. In the northern states you will be surprised to know its time to grow carrots and turnips for your Thanksgiving meal. Replanting your garden with these vegetables will keep your garden growing well into fall, and even Winter if you get lucky with the weather.

Now that the real heat of Summer has passed its time to get down to the store and buy your seeds. You can grow a respectable Fall garden by following my brilliant directions. Have I steered you wrong before?

The time you put in now will pay off, in a crop of late year vegetables, long after the Spring crop is gone.

The first thing you want to do is pick out your vegetables. Do not consult your wife! She will want to be practical - that is no fun! No one is impressed with another cabbage head. However people are impressed if you are able to cross a hot pepper and a pumpkin and invent the first jack - o - lantern that lights itself.

You can seek advice from your local garden center or more preferably your local extension office. Just call your extension agent and ask him or her the best Fall vegetables for your particular area. If you live in Alaska he may laugh. If you live anywhere humans can survive a Winter you should get a few choices.

Then, of course you must plant the seeds as you would your Spring vegetables. I start mine inside. One tip is; when transplanting your plants to your garden, its best to pick an overcast day.

If you would rather start the seeds outside and save the mess of transplanting, plant the seeds shallow, barely covering them with soil, about an inch of potting soil - no more! Keep the soil moist but do not over water. I always over plant when I use this method then when the seedlings began to appear above ground I thin them.

The important thing is to do it before the weather cools. October First is probably a rule of thumb last planting date for most places in the U.S. Remember the late heat of Summer gives a great start to your Fall garden. So the sooner the better!

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