The Day After Tomorrow

If you have ever seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, you have a feel for the weather we are having this morning in Kentucky.

I got out of bed about an hour and a half ago at 6:20 AM and it was 68 degrees outside. I took my son to Academic Team practice at 6:45. By the time I got home it was 64 degrees. I got an idea, with a huge rain storm a mile or two outside of Glasgow, and soaped my wife’s car from front to back. Hoping Mother Nature would supply the rinse. Which she is doing right now.

It is now 7:57 AM and it is 54 degrees outside. My question is; do we burn the furniture or the books first? In the movie they did a little of both. I say burn the furniture first because you can always sit on the floor but you can’t read the floor to keep from getting bored while you freeze to death.

In all seriousness I think we will survive without burning either but this storm or series of storms, is quite amazing. 68 this morning and by next Wednesday they are predicting the low will be 12. During that time we are expected to get a major rain storm, which is beginning now, then an ice storm, followed by a snow storm or two.

Most people will say this natural and of course it is. This kind of crazy weather can’t have anything to do with man filling the Earth’s atmosphere with carbon gases and other pollutants. Why would that be harmful. Sure, Newton said every action has an equal and opposite reaction but who can believe a guy who sits under an apple tree during harvest season?

So we can keep filling the air with every chemical we can find because it is obvious it won’t have any effect on our kids or grand kids.  We are sure of this knowledge. Just like we were sure the sun orbited the earth and the world was flat.

So if I have to burn books or chairs to keep warm I am secure that will be okay. It will not harm anything. In fact I am so secure in this thought that I will burn them right in the middle of the living room, instead of the fireplace, so we don’t lose heat up the chimney.

I can do this because I know if the collective smokes across the planet isn’t harming the atmosphere it must be perfectly fine for me to breath a little of my own smoke in my living room.

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