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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept submitted articles? Yes we welcome all articles pertaining to any subject a husband may have of hot women...etc.
  2. Where do you get the pictures of wives? They are sent by the wives or their husbands.
  3. Do women have to be married to be shown on the wives page? No
  4. Will I get paid for articles I submit? No
  5. Can I upload my own pictures to the wives page? Yes you can. Register - then log in. You will be assigned an album - look for it and upload your pictures using the "add items" link.
  6. Can I still send pictures by email? Yes we still do it the old way too.
  7. How often do you update pictures? As often as we receive them.
  8. What days do you update the other features on ClubHusband? We constantly are updating ClubHusband, except during the Sprint Cup race.
  9. Do you accept advertising on ClubHusband? Yes we accept page, section and whole site sponsorships.Our demographics are mostly men 29-54, college educated and middle to upper income. If this fits your needs drop us an email.
  10. Why do some pages look different? We are in the process of changing page layouts.
  11. Who writes the "Husband Thoughts"? J Pat
  12. Who do I contact for advertising?
  13. Do you publish nudity? No we do not.