Fathers Day and Mothers Day

Mothers Day?

On Mothers Day I got up early to make my wife breakfast. Then we had a relaxing day at home broken up by a trip to Dairy Queen and then a dinner out.

Fathers Day? I got up early to make my breakfast. I then heated my smoker, rubbed spices into a whole brisket and pulled chicken thighs from the marinade I had put them in the night before. I placed the meats into the vertical propane smoker and adjusted the temperature dial then went inside to watch the NASCAR prerace and then the race itself.

On the surface it may seem unfair but I didn’t think so. Smoking a brisket and a few chicken thighs was what I wanted to do. Unless you’ve done it, it’s hard to understand how relaxing smoking food can be. It is a slow, slow process which produces mouth watering results. It’s the food equivalent of a leisurely walk in the park.

The brisket turned out perfect. So did the chicken thighs. The NASCAR race not so much. Dale Earnhardt,Jr blew an engine while leading in a race where he was the defending winner. But none of those things make a good Fathers Day.

What made my Fathers Day great was all of my sons remembered me and that’s better than a dinner out any day.

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