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Daffney a wife who fishes

Her husband writes -

Here's a few pictures of my wife, "Daffney."  She's my friend, lover, partner, confidant, and fishing buddy!

We've been married just over 2 years and it's the second time for both of us.  We think that communication is perhaps the most important aspect of a relationship.  Sharing interests, respecting differences and having fun are right up there, too!

Thanks, guys


nice large mouth bass bluegill mud bass
A great large mouth bass catch pan sized bluegill mud bass
rainbow trout snow lake fishing lake trout
rainbow trout fishing in the snow and catching I want to fish with her! - lake trout
perch is the catch of the day little brown trout wife near lake
A big catch of perch brown trout jeans and a t shirt
For pictures of Daffney when she isn't out fishing the men CLICK HERE