For One more than the Other

Are you for it or against it? Are these my only two choices? Why do I have to be against anything? Can’t I think one idea is better than another without being against one?

It seems to me, being against things is an awful waste of time. The people I notice who are against things are always against everything new. It sounds more like fear than choice. They never have an idea of their own, they are just always against everyone else’s ideas.

Not only are they against new ideas but in their world the new idea is always going to lead to ruin. We can’t fix health care problems because it will ruin private medicine. We can’t restructure Social Security because it will mean starving the elderly. We can’t fix the enormous financial problems of America because it will lead to “big government” and we all know how evil “government” is.

We know this because under our system we are the government. As Lincoln so eloquently stated on that warm day in July, ” government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

So I am for the government because I am the government. In fact I am for a HUGE government! A government so big it takes all 300 million U.S. citizens to run it. After all I can’t do it alone. A big government where people care enough to get off their doughy asses and cast a vote every four years. A government reflective of the wishes of the all the people and not just the relative few who vote. A government steered by all the people and not the few uninformed citizens who shout the loudest.

Most of all I am for a big government who is for the people and their needs, especially in trying and tough times.

I am, in short, for America and all her potential. I believe the American government can accomplish anything because it is the government of the people.

It is the big government who turned back The Great Depression. It is the big government who stopped Hitler. It is the big government who got up off the mat and defeated Tojo. It is the big government who chased terrorists into their cave hideouts after they took a wild swing at us. It will be the big government that gets us through the economic times of the early 21st century.

It won’t be because we are against anything. It will because we are for things. We are for people having good jobs. We are for elderly Americans retiring with dignity. We are for the next generation believing America is not fueled by taxes but by the spirit of it’s people.

We the big government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth because we, unlike all other governments, are big enough to include everyone.

That is the idea I am for.

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