Fried Food is my Weekness

Sure some people would say any family who texts me while they know I am driving and buys me a four gallon deep fat fryer for my birthday is tired of my cheerful attitude but I disagree.

At least with the fryer part.

My new fryer has brought the family and our friends closer together. There is nothing like deep frying Snickers candy bars to draw a crowd. It brought more of my kids friends over than when I was frying hamburgers and hot dogs. Yes and even more than the night I was battering Twinkies and dropping them in hot oil.

We have found like our southern ancestors ( my side of the family ) everything tastes better fried.

Yes even on occasion I have fried sensible stuff like potatoes and chicken. Is there anything better than fresh fried chicken? If you think it doesn’t matter, buy some of that three hour old Walmart chicken, then try mine. It’s like steak and spam. No comparison!
Also hot french fried potatoes? A little cheese to help with the artery clogging and wow what a meal!

You should see the faces of the neighbors when they see me out side frying enough potatoes and chicken to feed my family. It’s almost as priceless as the look on the manager of Gordon Food Service (like a mini Sam’s Club without the membership fee) when I bought a 25lb bag of funnel cake mix and told him it was for home consumption.

So if you want to buy something  the whole family can enjoy and your cardiologist hates, a fryer is the way to go.

It’s better than a fire pit and puts off more heat.

Besides why worry about fried foods. We all could be flattened by a bus tomorrow.

Especially if you have a family who texts you while you drive!

J Pat

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