Gisele Bundchen Shame on You

Gisele Bundchen should be ashamed.

While leaving the Super Bowl and being harassed by New York Giants fans, the unbelievably beautiful wife of Tom Brady, defended her husband. How could she do such a thing? Does she not realize this is America and woman are meant to be seen and not heard. How could she break such a sacred pact with society and lash out at people so rudely treating someone just trying to leave a football game. Does she not realize New Yorkers are a proud and classless people who reserve the right to behave like boars any time they appear in public?

Again, Gisele should be ashamed, but not ashamed for defending Tom. She should be ashamed for blaming his receivers in public but only because she did it in public. What she said, should of been kept to herself and for that – shame should be her feeling.

She, of course was right, her husband can’t catch and throw the ball. He threw it into their hands and they dropped it and I am sure they are sorry and I am sure she is too for spouting a her personal thoughts when confronted by idiots.

I personally think she did something all of us has done. She let a moron get to her at a bad time. She had just watched her husband lose a Super Bowl and was not in the best frame of mind. Something negatively was said about her husband and she lashed out. She should be ashamed.

Now lets talk about the guy who harassed her. He has no guilt in this matter because guys with this kind of mental capabilities aren’t capable of remorse. Only humans possess this ability. Maybe some of you think I am being too critical so lets set the scene.

Gisele Bundchen is in the same elevator as you while  leaving the Super Bowl. You see her. She is of course one of the most beautiful women on the planet and hard to miss. She is married to one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Whether you think he ranks first or one hundred and first he is still without a doubt one of the best. You think to yourself. What can I do to get her attention? I could smile hoping she smiles back and I have a story to tell the rest of my life. I could simply say, “Miss Bundchen your husband played well but we got him this time. Tell him good luck next year.” I could ask for her autograph, assuming even if I don’t want Mrs. Brady’s autograph a New Yorker is smart enough to figure out Ebay. I could whip out my cell phone and take a picture.

Then comes the one the subhuman settles on, I could hurl a mean spirited taunt at her. I believe he said something to the effect of “Eli owns your husband.” How clever! What a way with words this obvious student of the American language possesses. How classy to verbally taunt a woman whose husband is not there to punch you in your big mouth. But you were successful because you caught her in a moment of weakness.

You got her to say something she shouldn’t have. Congratulations!

What she should of said to an idiot who says “Eli owns your husband” is, yes but Tom owns this and then  wiggled her cute little ass and made him look like an idiot as the elevator  roared with laughter.

Then she wouldn’t have to be shamed but ahhamed or not she probably forgot the whole thing by the time she reached her limo.

While the idiot gets attention, all she got was unbelievable good looks, a cute little ass and a husband who plays in Super Bowls.

Like her husband, Sunday was not her best day but with lives like theirs they will probably suffer through somehow.

And just for the record I would of offered her a comfortable shoulder to cry on.

Not because I am a Patriot fan but because, again. have you seen this woman?


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