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Prepare a dozen jalapenos per person

Preheat gas grill or prepare and light charcoals

Rinse jalapeno peppers in cold water

Cut the peppers length ways

Using a grapefruit spoon (or a soup spoon) scrape out the pepper seeds and the veins. There is a lot of heat in the vein so if you are adventurous leave in as much as you think you can handle.

Lay jalapeno peppers out on pan cut side up

Fill the peppers with grated fresh parmesan cheese

Sprinkle olive oil onto the cheese

Turn grill to low or cook over indirect heat if using charcoal

Place on hot grill cut side up

Grill until cheese is melted and golden brown. I like it when the jalapeno peppers bgin to get crispy on the bottom.

Remove from grill eat peppers whole with cold liquids...

Special note: use rubber gloves when cleaning peppers.

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