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Wife Photos


We want pictures of your wife or girlfriend or both. Does the woman in your life like to have her picture taken?

If she does send us her pictures.
 You know the ones, dressed to go out, a day at the beach or just the ones in a sweat shirt and jeans.
In fact a great idea would be to; pose her in front of your new firepit, rock landscaping,  fishing boat or whatever it is that interests you. Anything you like, I am sure, our readers and most of all us, will also like.
The pictures must be suitable to be viewed by all ages.
 We accept and use pictures of anything we find interesting. hunting, fishing, cooking or other things. The pictures do not have to contain a wife.
If they do not contain a wife they will be used in one of our other sections.
blonde from netherlands

Send them to

subject line "pictures for ClubHusband"

Include a short bio if you would like.

One picture or ten pictures we want them all!

To send your photos all you need to do is follow the next few steps:

a)If you take the pictures with a digital camera, simply email them to us.

b) If you don't have a digital camera or the photos are older, scan the pictures into your computer. (If they are on video tape, use a capture device to convert them into digital stills.)

c) We prefer jpg. files but send anything we can probably convert them for you.

d) Email your photos directly (name of the person shown or alias is encouraged but not required! But beware we might use our own nickname if one isn't supplied.You can also include any information you would like included on the pages with the pictures.) to this email address: - Subject line "Pictures for ClubHusband"

e ) Your email address will not be posted on the site and will only be used us if we need to contact you.The usual reason would be if someone claims they are not your pictures.

f ) Your pictures will be shown as soon as possible but remember we are husbands and husbands are very lazy.


Please be sure that the material you send us is yours, and not someone else's. Please be sure the material is not copyrighted and/or taken from another web site . You must be fully aware that by sending us your material through the e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. We have the right to not accept your contribution without any further explanation.

Our guess of what the "Frequently Asked Questions" are going to be.

How do I convert to jpg-format? First of all if you have a digital camera, don't worry about it just send your photos. If you don't have a digital camera what year are you living in?

What about digital cameras?

The higher the resolution, the better.

How many pictures should I send? How many do you have? Send as many as you like.

Please do not send more then 10 photos with one email. If the pictures are large files it is probably better to send in several emails.

Multiple emails are accepted

What about my copyrights?

By sending in your photos to, you allow us to show your photos on The copyright will remain your property. We will try not to allow others sites to copy photos from us.  If we can we will make them pay you. Don't spend the money yet. The person who uses them will claim stupidity then quickly erase the pictures. Leaving you with nothing but a satisfied feeling that they liked your pictures enough to take them...