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Double barrel shotguns are a way of life in America. Is there a more recognizable weapon in the world than the double barreled shotgun? Our guide gives you the pros and cons of double barrel shotguns.This reader offers opinion on one of our favorite weapons.

Double Barrel Shotguns

Have read post (new to computer world) and found it refreshing. Have been upland hunting for 40 years and although my collection grew since the beginning I favor the double, side/side. I still use my grandfathers/fathers Trojan grade 12 ga Parker 30 inch barrels since 1963. Since being a machinist my whole life took the opportunity to hone and polish bores and forcing cones and had a stock made from a section of a tree trunk from a master stock maker known locally by our fraternity. The stock was made for a perfect fit to my specs. Through the years have hunted upland and waterfowl (lead loads only) and had no problems.

Through the years have read many articles of the perfect grouse or pheasant gun and mine does not fit into this, but however, have had satisfactory success especially on ruffed grouse and whitetail using 00 buck. For upland I shoot mainly low brass #6 and #4. On doubles since there is no reciever I feel optimum balance and swing with 28 inch. The 30 inch barrel double is same length as pump or auto with 26 inch.

A message to new shooters. Do not overlook the double, it will reward you in more ways than imaginable. If your shooting ability is there and practice like everything else all you will need is two shots. In over forty years using a shotgun not really suitable for upland hunting two things I learned and will pass on. It's not the choke and if the gun does not fit you will not hit. Also as far as ammo goes there was a time we used paper shells and no shot cups, and we hit birds. Today is different and suggest premium grade with hard shot fo r uniform patterns. My favorite at the moment is Fiocchi low brass but have confidence with either Rem, Winchester, Federal if the load is hard shot. One more thing, BEWARE OF THE MAN WITH ONE GUN

.Good hunting...JCM

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