I Don’t Get It

I don’t get life any more. As Howard Hughes said, “I used to laugh when they laughed”. Just like him I don’t any more. They laugh and I don’t get the joke.

As you have probably noticed my latest thing is twittering. I just don’t get it.

Millions of people do it. Although they mistakenly call it tweeting. The website is not tweeter, you twits!

So again out of a need to try to understand the universe I look at the twits a few minutes ago. I check the trending topics and see “Forrest Gump”.

Forrest Gump? Are you kidding me? What is that movie like 20 years old? I just checked – it’s 16 years old. This is a “trending topic”?

I did notice someone twitted that Gump was on TV tonight. So let me get this straight; A 16 year old movie we have all seen 12 times was on TV and the best thing these people have to do is run to an electronic device and tell the world?

Isn’t it embarrassing that the only thing you have to do on a Friday night in Spring is watch Forrest Gump? Not only that but you also are so lacking in friends that you had to twit about it afterwards.

The only thing I can think of more embarrassing is……..if you blogged about it!

J Pat

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