Kyle Petty is Wrong

Kyle Petty son of the King of NASCAR, Richard Petty, is guilty of shooting off his mouth without a permit. In a recent interview, Petty stated “Danica Patrick is not a race car driver.” Mr Petty works for TNT as a commentator and I believe this outrageous claim is an offense worthy of termination.

Not because I disagree. I do. I believe Petty should be fired because he can’t identify Patrick as a race car driver. This should be the most basic qualification of a NASCAR commentator. If he doesn’t know a race car driver when he sees one why would we care about anything else he spouts from his misguided mouth?

The definition of a race car driver is “someone who drives racing cars at high speeds.” This is how I know Danica is a race car driver. I have seen her many, many times drive a race car at high speeds. I have seen her do it in both an Indy style car and a NASCAR style car. I have not only seen it on TV but I have also witnessed it firsthand. She is without a doubt a race car driver.

Now whether she is a good race car driver can be debated. The fact that she drives race cars at high speeds is without doubt.

So I think TNT needs to either fire Kyle or give him a remedial course in the basics of the sport he was born into.

Kyle those 43 cars in front of you are race cars. The 43 people driving those cars are race car drivers. The bright green car with the huge number 10 on it is driven by Danica Patrick.

Kyle, Danica Patrick is a race car driver.

Now onto what the checkered flag means, because in your career you saw so few of them from the front

Danica Patrick at Martinsville

Danica Patrick driving a race car

, you might have forgotten.

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