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Brick Fire Pit

Building A Brick Fire Pit

A how to guide on building your outdoor brick fire pit. A step by step construction sheet.


How to build a brick fire pit when the winter months bring special challenges in our yards. For those unfortunate people living in the northern United States it mostly brings out snow shovels and snow blowers. For those of us in the southern United States the yard work slows slightly but the Club Husband mind never rests. This is why I decided to build a backyard fire pit. A brick fire pit is great for those cold Florida evenings when I'm sitting in my yard and the temperatures drop to a frigid 65 degrees. I scoot my lawn chair up close (not quickly enough my evening drink spills) and enjoy the warmth of the hot embers as I stir them with my glowing wooden stick.

It is a feeling only rivaled by the serenity of relaxing in the solitude of your own backyard. It is for those reasons I wanted to do this as quickly and as easily as possible. Easy because I'm naturally lazy. Quickly because I didn't want my wife to have a fit and throw herself in front of my wheel barrow, yelling you don't know how to build a fire pit!. But I also wanted to do this right.

Materials Needed

Small bag of gravel

Small bag of mortar mix - a dry pre-mix is the easiest to use

2 foot  stake with string and nail


Large circular grill





Prep Work

Dig a pit at least four feet in diameter and 1 1/2 feet below ground or patio level.

Lay a 2" bed of gravel on pit floor and drive the stake into center of pit.

Mix small amount of dry mortar with water and use trowel to spread a 2" thick circular layer around the edges of the gravel.

While mortar is still wet, smooth the surface with the trowel, then scribe a circle from the stake using string and nail. (This line will be the outer boundary for the circle of bricks).

Let dry for 24 hours.

The Actual Building of the Fire Pit

Lay a 1" bed of mortar on top your circle and set a vertical circle of bricks on top

Use your level to make sure bricks are even, and spread each edge of each new brick with mortar as you proceed around the circular line. Lay another vertical layer of brick in same manner as above, bringing the construction to ground level. After this dries, you can fill in the gap between the outer circle of brick and the wider pit with dirt.

Along the inner edge of your brick circle, lay out a dry fan like circle of horizontally placed bricks. This is to determine the number of bricks and the space required between them.

Remove about five of these bricks and lay down a 1/2" bed of mortar, using your level to place the bricks evenly on top.


Tap bricks into place with trowel and continue in this manner around the entire circle, pausing every  few minutes to scrape off excess mortar.

Lay another horizontal circle of bricks on top of this first layer in the same way. Let dry overnight.

Place the large grill on top of your new brick fire pit.

You now can stand up and proclaim to the neighborhood. "Let there be Fire" It is encouraged that you do this very loudly while waving your arms in the air. Use caution not to spill your drink into the pit.

I hope you enjoy your pit as much as I enjoy mine. Note; northerners will also find a brick fire pit to be useful. The only difference being you will have to clear a forest to take the chill out of your winter air...