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She's Out of My League

A romantic comedy that may surprise. On the face it appears to be pure chick flick but it has enough comedy for men to enjoy too.

Oh yeah, there is also a really beautiful blonde on the screen through most of the movie and that's not a bad thing.

She's Out of My League is not a total waste of a movie rental. If the wife insists, then relent and agree to spending an evening watching Alice Eve portray the perfect 10.

Jay Baruchel plays Kirk a TSA worker who thinks little of himself but meets Molly ( Alice Eve), a party planner with a body to match her perfect face and fun ensues.

Kirk can't believe is luck and neither can his friends.

Important Cast:

Jay Baruchel ... Kirk
Alice Eve ... Molly

Krysten Ritter ... Patty
T.J. Miller ... Stainer
Mike Vogel ... Jack
Nate Torrence ... Devon
Lindsay Sloane ... Marnie

Kirks airport work buddies are amazed that Molly would give the time of day to their friend. With friends like these, Kirk needs a dog. Even though his friends are in doubt they attempt to help him land Molly in their clumsy, oafish ways. As with most of these movies most of the humor is sophomoric but funny. The dialogue between Kirk and the airport gang is funny but the best part of the movie, comedy wise, is when Molly meets Kirk's family. These idiots belong on Jerry Springer.

All in all, the movie is a simple boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to get girl back formula but it's writing makes it worth $2 at Blockbuster.

The scene with Alice Eve in lingerie is worth the other two bucks so feel free to rent.

Believe it or not you won't be sorry.