Leave your Kids Home

As a father, the subject of children is very close to me. A lot closer than I want on some days. I, like the candidates for the toughest jobs in America, love my children and don’t want them attacked by the media or anyone else who disagrees with my choices.

I, unlike the candidates, do one simple thing to minimize their involvement.

I take don’t take them to work with me!

When I was up for a job promotion I never paraded my off spring in front of my employers. When I was interviewing for jobs I never brought my children to the interviews.

It made it harder to ask questions about my children if they weren’t sitting in the room.

I have never had People Magazine interview me but I have been interviewed by local newspapers and TV stations. Not once did I usher my children into the room and then tell the interviewer, “no please I don’t want them talked to”.

I, instead left them in the other room or better yet at home. It made it a lot harder for a media type to bring them into the conversation.

I am speaking to all political candidates – from dog catcher to President of these United States – when I say. If you don’t want your children brought into a fight leave them outside the ring!

It’s nothing short of hypocritical to use your kids as political props and then pretend to be a protective parent when they are brought into the election as an issue. You, the candidate, made them a target by putting them in front of the snipers.

To paraphrase Harry Truman – If you can’t stand the heat, leave the kids out of the kitchen.

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