Manning vs. Brady

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady is getting a little old. Peyton can beat anybody but Tom, so it seems.

Brady gave poor Manning a 24 point lead Monday night before putting the wood to him. Even after the game went to overtime the Patriots laughed in Manning’s face when they gave him he ball first. Sure Belichick took the wind on a nasty November night but what other coach in the NFL would have the guts to give one of the greatest quarterbacks in history the ball first in OT?

Only Belicheck would because he and Brady have Peyton’s number. They had it in Indianapolis and they still have it in Denver.

The Broncos will get into the playoffs but they better hope their path doesn’t cross the Patriots. It’s literally a no win proposition for Denver and Peyton Manning.

Monday night showed that the Patriots have had their ups and downs, starting in the off season but the road to the Super Bowl still goes through New England.

If you don’t believe me, ask Peyton Manning for directions.

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