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Dear Club Husband,

This is not a joke but your blunt funny answers are ok, because I have given up on her. Well my wife had a cheating night (one time) with my brother, and then she told me she needed her space which is going on 5 months now. Well needless to say I have one less brother, and my ex brother will get out of the hospital in two days and told my sister that he is going to visit friends in another state. The problem is my step daughter who supports me and told her mom to ask me to try if at all possible to patch up my and the wife situation. I have raised her from 12 yrs to her present 19 yrs and she is like a daughter.

It was a one night deal. Because I placed brother in medical care for the whole time we have been separated, no charges filed ha, daughter cried and cried says her mom whom she lives with is sorry. I won't talk to wife, and have to admit brother is a smooth talker and has done the same to our younger brother and his wife, he slept with her too. Other brother had no balls I'll do what you think should I see her again or say kiss my ass and try to explain to daughter.

                                                                           Brotherly Love

Dear Brotherly Love,

I think you know the answer. If you thought it was important enough to lose a brother you need to show her the curb. As they say it takes two to tango. As far as the daughter I think it is your wife's responsibility to tell her the truth. You may want to follow up on that. My only other advice would be, in your next relationship take care of things at home and you won't have these problems. Even a greyhound won't run if he's to tired to walk.


The following is an anonymous reply from a reader to the previous problem

Four years ago my wife had a fling. I was going to divorce her but my kids (teens) talked me out of it. My wife ended up pregnant and I am raising the now three year old. Her having cheated has destroyed what we once had; we will never have that again. I am not sure that I made the right choice, I may never be sure of that. If you have kids they are your number one responsibility. Put them first in what ever you decide. Don't hate your brother; you shouldn't hate either of them it just gives you health problems.

Dear Club Husband,

My wife screwed around, it was a one-nighter. I can live with it but she can't. She won't talk to me says she needs her space. I have people that spys on her (my women friends, some cops,campus police, my cousin) and constantly checks and follows her. She just works and goes to school, so she is not cheating anymore. So whats up how do I get her to shut up and lay down. (been two months)

                                                                                       Not Signed

Dear Not,

I have to ask one question. If you caught a guy cheating at poker would you play with him again? If you insist on playing with a cheater you have to show her that she is not the only game in town. Go out have fun. Nail everything that moves. Concentrate on people around her. Her friends, her sisters, her mother all of them. Get as many of them in the sack as you can handle and make sure your wife knows its! If this doesn't get her to open up who cares you are having the time of your life.


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