Mitsubishi TV Bulbs – Take the Easy Way Out

I love my 73 inch Mitsubishi TV. It’s a rear projection tv and that’s the rub. It uses a bulb to project the picture. Now I don’t understand a lot about how it works but I do understand something that may help you if you also own a Mitsubishi rear projection TV.

I understand when the bulb blows out it will cost $99 on the Mitsubishi parts website. You can also buy bulbs from Amazon and others that are supposed to work on this TV.

Now I am not a big believer in what companies say about their products only working with a certain battery or bulb or some other part. I always think that all that says is “We want to sell you a part we make for more money.”

This is not the case with Mitsubishi TVs. Take it from me – buy a bulb from Mitsubishi and save yourself time, trouble and money.

I know this because I didn’t. I bought a bulb from another company that was supposed to be exactly like the original bulb. I looked exactly like the original bulb except for the screws were different. The bulb markings were the same. The casing was the same. Just the screws were different.

I was sure when the TV quit working it was the bulb so I ordered a bulb for about half what Mitsubishi was asking. I was sure it was the bulb because while watching TV I heard a pop, my screen went blank and when I looked inside I saw a bulb with a hole in it and glass fragments.

So, again, with confidence I ordered a bulb. When I got it I installed it. By the way it was easier than replacing the florescent bulbs in my kitchen. Three screws and it was in.

I turned on my TV and it worked – for about ten seconds then it flickered and went black. I turned it off then on and it did the same thing. I went on the web and read how to reset the TV. I reset it – same thing – flickered then off.

Next day I called the company and asked then what they thought. They said when a bulb blows out, often a ballast goes too. Didn’t sound right bit I wanted my big TV to work again so I ordered a $60 ballast.

I t came in a couple of days. I installed it.A little harder job than the bulb but again easier than messing with florescent lights.

I crossed my fingers and turned on the TV. It worked fine then ten seconds later it flickered and went out.

I called Mitsubishi and asked them what they thought. They weren’t much help but I decided to try a bulb from them. I ordered it.

Then I called the first company and told them i wanted to return the parts. The gave me a little resistance but agreed. So at this point as soon as they credit my PayPal I will only be out shipping – both ways.

In a couple of days the bulb came. I installed it. It worked, and worked, and worked and is still working.

If you put the bulbs side by side you would be able to tell which is which. I don’t know if the cheap bulb is a good counterfeit or just defective but I do know the Mitsubishi bulb worked without a problem.

So my suggestion is, if you own a rear projection Mitsubishi television, don’t take the cheap way out. Buy the expensive bulb.

It will be well worth it in the long run.

Also don’t pay someone to install the bulb. If you can’t figure it out, write me, and I’ll walk you through it.

I hope this helps someone



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