Monday and I am fine

I know you are not used to me being in a good mood on Mondays. I won’t disappoint but I am fine. It’s just that I could be better.

Yesterday the NASCAR race ended in a fitting way but not the way I wanted. Junior parked in the garage and Jimmie Johnson holding the Cup. It was a prefect example of the way the season went. Earnhardt running well for half a race while Johnson struggles then Jimmie coming on in the end while Dale fades.

I know my prediction was right about a Hendrick’s driver winning the championship but I was hoping for my driver Dale Jr.

I also enjoyed the two minutes of women’s golf I saw yesterday. Paula Creamer, my favorite golfer, didn’t win but she looked great losing in a pink curve hugging dress. Again, not bad, but her in that dress, puckering up on the trophy, would have been better.

My West Virginia Mountaineers were idle this weekend but Texas rookie and WVU alum Steve Slaton rushed for 156 yards on 14 carries in a loss to the Colts. Again liked it but if he could of helped upset Peyton it would have been better. Not that I don’t like Manning, I just like to see under dogs win except when they play the Mountaineers.

Besides sports there wasn’t much going on in my life. Weather got cold and I hate it. My neighbor actually put his snow shovel on the porch…..bad sign!

Maybe this week will be better. My youngest son turns 12 this week. Where did the years ago? Yesterday I was twelve! I was playing shortstop for the Little League Seals. Running track and winning for my Jr. High (Middle School). Still listening to adults because I hadn’t figured out yet teachers are just as full of it as everyone else.

I told you I wouldn’t disappoint!

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