Monday and Reality

It’s Monday morning after a long weekend. It’s back to, up early with the kids. It’s back to, the diet. It’s back to diligent work on ClubHusband.

OK, you caught me, but two out of three ain’t bad.

Diligent is not exactly a word people think of when they see me work. Talented? Of course! Fast? Once or twice. Prolific? A few times. Diligent? Never.

I firmly believe, I am very diligent. It’s just, I am so talented, fast and prolific, I make it look too easy to be called diligent. Others of course (the wife) would say lazy fits me better.

Is it lazy to entertain you people with three posts a day? Is it lazy to personally review every picture of every wife we are sent? Now some people (again the wife) would say it’s because I like to entertain and look at women but that doesn’t mean it’s not work. It just means I enjoy my job.

I admit there is one or two jobs in the world harder than mine. For example; teacher in an inner city school or maybe President of the United States. I still say it doesn’t mean my job isn’t worth doing and doing diligently.

Someone has to entertain you people on cold Monday mornings - such as this one. Someone has to review the pictures of wives we are sent. So I volunteered.

The writing of entertaining blogs was a natural. I, after all, have been described (by me) as the the greatest living American writer.

The reviewing of the wives was not such a clear cut choice. Many people volunteered. So we decided to share the chore. Any ugly wife we are sent I forward to my business partner. Any picture of a less than ugly wife I personally and solely review. It’s a system that works for me.

So as you can plainly see I am diligent.

So today I rose early to wake my children for school. I will go back to dieting.

I will diligently work on ClubHusband.

But first I will take my nap.

J Pat

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