My Mower Won’t Forgive Me

My mower is mad at me!

Sure I cheated on him with my new mower. Who could blame me? My new mower is bright and shiny and starts every time.  The front left tire doesn’t leak air. The blade lever is not bent. It has an automatic transmission. It even cuts in reverse

So my old mower is none of these things. It’s old, scratched and was barely moving with the belts stretched and squealing. So I was going to find it a new home. A better home than my backyard.

I advertised it on Craigslist for a good price, thinking someone may need it for parts. The engine runs well. It could use a new battery. The rest of it isn’t worth much any more. But again the engine runs or at least it did.

I went out, after I received interest on the ad and tried to start it, so I could prove to the prospective buyer it ran. It didn’t start! Seemed like a dead battery. I charged the battery – now I was ready. It started immediately than died. I tried again – it died again. I put in fresh gas – no luck! It didn’t even try to start now. Oh, it turned over and over gain but didn’t start. I took off the air filter and primed it.

It started – then died!

I cleaned the carburetor. Started again than died! Get the pattern?

I now have a old scratched boat anchor. Unfortunately I don’t own a boat!

If it started it would be worth something. Sure not much but something. Now I have to figure a way to talk someone into hauling it away with the belief they could fix the mower.

My belief is they probably can fix it. Not because they are better mower mechanics than I am but because the mower is not mad at them.

They didn’t replace it with a 23 horse powered Husqvarna.

They instead took it to their backyard to give it a better home.

A home where they appreciate old, tired, scratched things which squeal when they move.

My only question is – can I go too?

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