New Smoker

Last night I loaded up my extra large smoker and went to bed. Is there a better way to cook than doing it while you are asleep?

In case you are curious, I am going for my new weight record – I am talking smoker capacity not personal weight but I think one may follow the other. As I write this I have two 13 pound beef briskets smoking, a sixteen pound turkey and a nine pound pork shoulder. Later on I plan to add ten pounds of chicken leg quarters. In my defense one of the briskets is for a school party for my youngest son but yes the other forty-eight pounds are for the family.

My theory is if you are going to spend twelve to fifteen hours smoking you might as well make it worth your time. It will be quite a feast but even my large eating family can’t consume that much meat so we will dust off the old seal a meal and freeze enough to make a nut hoarding squirrel proud.

J Pat

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