Notre Dame is a NCAA Pretender

Notre Dame will make the NCAA tournament. There is no doubt about that fact. They have a great home grown recipe. By home grown I mean; developed by the players and finished by the referees.

It is no secret I think the Big East basketball league has by far the worst officials in organized sports. This includes the play ground monitors of any grade school in America. In fact, I believe the guys the Big East have officiating games should be arrested for impersonating college basketball referees.

With that being said I think the ones that do Notre Dame’s games are out right cheaters. I come to this conclusion because I have watched Notre Dame play. They are a good team but not a great team but they never lose at home. We are not talking a basketball power house like Duke  but the Fighting Irish have a home record comparable to the Blue Devils. How can that be?

Simply the referees make sure they win in their own house. I don’t know if the refs are Catholic or swayed by the fans in that cracker box they call a gym or making a fortune in Vegas but something is fishy when a little better than average basketball team never loses at home.  This isn’t baseball where the field dimensions are different. As far as I know the baskets are regulation height. The playing dimensions are the same as the other college floors. They keep score by the same system. So what is it?

It’s the referees and they, again, are about to be exposed.

Notre Dame will make the NCAA tournament as high as a four seed possibly. Joe Lunardi, ESPN’s expert, has them as a six right now but they will probably move up at place or two. As a four they will play a thirteen seed in the first game. They will win – maybe.

This will put them against a five in the second round. A game a four should win. They won’t!

Any five seed in the tourney will wipe the floor with their leprechaun loving ass. And just like last year when they were a two seed and lost in the second round against a ten seed they will be headed home.

Their problem of course, not only neutral sites but neutral referees on national television where they don’ dare to magically miss obvious calls and whistle phantom fouls for fear of being humiliated on ESPN the next day.

It is then that Notre Dame and it’s pocketed referees will be exposed as pretenders.

Enjoy it now Irish – your coach is about to turn into a pumpkin.

Midnight grows near!

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