NSA – are you listening

I recently read, the National Security Agency is listening to our phone calls. This is the most surprised I have been since Ellen DeGeneres announced her sexual preference is women. Can you imagine a branch of the government whose sole purpose is spying on people – spying on people? Sure it’s amazing when any part of our government is doing what they are assigned to do but still were you really surprised?

First of all, as I understand it, the NSA is not listening to our calls they are just logging who we talk to and when. And if you believe that you may also believe I can get you a great deal on a slightly used bridge leading into Brooklyn, NY.

It’s been my belief for many years that the NSA is listening to my calls. They are obviously trying to steal my top secret barbecue recipe. Why else would they listen? I assure you, my bbq recipe is the most exciting thing they would hear from me. I have a mundane, middle America life. When I am on the phone 75 percent of of what I talk about is food. The other 25 per cent is split between my dogs, my kids and my garden.

Now when I am on the phone with my wife I speak of nothing – I just listen. This may be why I am not as upset as I should be about the NSA listening. At least they are listening!

I have been married 23 years and like any other husband who has married as long can attest to, when we have a phone to our head it’s only a listening device. If the NSA is tapping conversations with my wife and me they probably think it’s a monologue. Because it is!

A couple of 45 minute calls with only one voice and maybe the government will give up and tap a phone of someone more interesting.

and if they do – I want to hear too!

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