NSA – at least they are working

The National Security Agency is spying on our own people. Many people find this to be terrible. The NSA is spying on foreign leaders. Again, many people find this to be terrible.

The NSA – who are they supposed to be spying on?

If you don’t think America should spy on anyone I can accept that. I don’t agree with it but I can accept it. If you think we should have a spy program to keep us safe who should we be spying on?

We shouldn’t spy on our own people? People like the Unibomber or the Boston bombers?

We shouldn’t spy on foreign leaders? Should we then spy on foreign janitors?

These are all legitimate questions except for the janitor one. if we maintain a large agency whose job it is to spy but no one should be spied upon what are they supposed to be doing?

I, for one, was not astonished when we found out the National Security Agency was spying on us. I just assumed they were. After all, our taxes has bought them some really cool toys so I figured they were using them.

Now the latest flap is about the NSA spying on friendly foreign leaders. How are we supposed to know they are friendly if we don’t spy on them? Take their word for it because friendly leaders don’t lie? And why are there friendly leaders so upset that we listened in on their calls? Because they were talking crap about us that’s why and they got caught.

Teach them to run their mouths!

Then another wrinkle is the President says he didn’t know about the spying on our friends. Everyone says he had to know.

Not necessarily.

He is given information he needs to know. He isn’t given the origin of all the information. Now if he was given the Queen’s favorite barbecue recipe he might get suspicious we were listening in on phone calls. But if he is just given relevant information and they are truly friendly foreign leaders how would he know they were being spied on?

Example; The President is briefed about Great Brittan. Mr. President nothing to report on Brittan (because they are truly nice guys).  How would he guess we listened in on calls?

The President is briefed on France. Mr. President the leaders in France are still sun bonnet wearing, sissy boys with no stomach for a fight. How would he know we were spying on France if he is only given common knowledge facts?

He wouldn’t.

So the bottom line is the NSA is spying on people.

And i for one am happy to know at least one agency in our government is doing what they are are paid to do.

Good work NSA but don’t you dare tell the Queen my secret BBQ sauce recipe!

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