Paula Deen Taught Me a Lesson

Paula Deen has fallen from societies grace at a faster clip than celebrities who murder. Can we learn anything from her? I know I have.

I don’t care who you are. There are things in our lives we have done and said we would like to forget. There are also things in our lives we have done and said, at the time we felt was okay but later, as we grew as a person, we knew were wrong.

Paula Deen was born, raised and has lived in Georgia most of her life, if not all. She was born in the 1940′s and raised in the 1950′s and early 60′s. What was acceptable in Georgia in those times are now universally scorned and should be. Times have changed for the better. Not enough, in my opinion but they have changed.

Paula Deen was asked some questions about her past and she told the truth. We all now know she was a fool. Keep your mouth shut like your attackers Paula. Claim to be as perfect as the Lord, if you want to do business in America’s morally corrupt corporate world.

Her sponsors are now dropping her faster than O.J. Simpson’s sponsors dropped him. She was fired from her job on the Food Network. WalMart and Home Depot no longer will carry her endorsed line of products. Even the pious executives, who fleece rubes for a living, at Caesars Palace, are closing their restaurants with her name on them. All because she said something.

I learned from Paula Deen – stick and stones may break my bones but telling the truth will screw me every time!

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