Perfect Restaurant

I recently found the perfect restaurant.

It is located in Charlotte, North Carolina on exit 45a of Interstate 85 – next to the Cheddar’s Casual Cafe. Grant you, if you are looking for the best chicken fried steak in Charlotte, Cheddar’s is your place but if you are looking for the perfect men’s restaurant I recommend Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill.

They have great wings, far better than Hooter’s. I ordered both mild and hot and both flavors were fantastic. They also have scantily clad women dressed in less clothes than Hooter’s. Their uniform consists of a bikini style top, denim short shorts and cowboy boots.

Not only do they beat Hooter’s in wings and legs but they also have sports playing on about 50 TVs (rough guess). I couldn’t think of a sporting event they didn’t have on and it was a Monday night.

After the wings we ordered fried cheesecake and it was good but not as good as the servers or the wings. So if you want a good dessert I would order another dozen wings in the Dr. Pepper flavor. I didn’t try Dr. Pepper wings but it sounds interesting and it would be one more excuse to get your server to visit you.

We were told there are only a handful of Bikinis Sports Bar and Grills but they are beginning to expand rapidly. They started in Texas and obviously have made it to North Carolina so maybe your town will be next.

If it is drop me a line because maybe you live closer and the wings are great but 450 miles is a little far even for the perfect restaurant.

J Pat

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