I read over and over again – blogs are more popular if they contain personal things about the writer. Using the word “writer” when discussing bloggers is a stretch but lets pretend for a moment.
I believe personal items only make blogs more popular if the items are interesting. This of course is where Husband Thoughts falls short. Writing about my personal life is about as interesting as changing a diaper. There might be some kernels of corn in there but you have to sift through a lot of crap to find it.
My usual morning starts with coffee. Then I sit down to write.
So let’s look at this process;
When I sit down to blog so far I have made coffee and drank coffee. Not exactly the makings of a great story. I could amuse you with the challenge of throwing away a wet filter full of coffee grounds. I could excite you with the way I fill the new filter with exactly four and a half scoops of new coffee. I could titillate you with the decision to use the sprayer to fill the reservoir instead of measuring it with the coffee tank, like the instructions detail.
None of these seems worthy of notice.
So what kind of personal items could I write?
I have no real drinking problem. I have no mental problem that has ever been confirmed. My family, though odd, is probably not much odder than yours. I do have a heart condition, but I treat it by ignoring it and not mentioning to anyone when my chest hurts. Not the best course of action but it saves me money on medical bills.
Again not the most interesting stuff.
So you are stuck with my endless blatherings about the unfairness of Dancing with the Stars. You are subject to my obsession with Paula Creamer’s skirts.You must read my rantings about West Virginia football.

All, maybe not your cup of tea, but it is better than looking for corn any day of the week.

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