Peyton Do We look Stupid?

Peyton Manning was cut yesterday from the Indianapolis Colts. To make this announcement Peyton and Colts owner, Jim Irsay,  called a news conference. They mostly droned on about this and that but one thing that struck me was they both claimed this was not about money.

Not about money? Peyton do we really look that stupid? You were cut 24 hours before the deadline for your bonus. Yes, if Manning was still a Colt today he was to be paid a bonus. No, not the kind of bonuses you and I are used to. Not enough to make Christmas a little easier this year.

We are talking lottery money bonus here.

28 million dollars!

So say what you want gentlemen but don’t treat us like we are stupid.

This was all about money. Money valued more than the services of an aging employee who gave everything to an employer. A quarterback who led your team to greatness Mr. Irsay and now you discard him for a shiny new model – Andrew Luck the projected first pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

It’s been said and repeated that the fans will have to be patient. They will have to give the rookie time to develop.


Mr. Irsay picked his employee and we as fans have every right to expect the replacement to better than the old one. After all, if I go to a restaurant and they replace my server with another, I am not going to expect lesser service. The same criteria should be used for the Colts.

If Andrew Luck is going to replace Peyton Manning than I have every right to expect Mr. Luck to be better than Mr. Manning. If not, why on earth would you give him Peyton’s job?

I’ll tell you why – because this is all about money.

So don’t treat us as stupid.

The Colts want to save money. They are lying when they say anything different and I have no problem with them being liars or saving money. What I do have a big problem is – they think I will believe them when they tell us this is not about the bonus owed Manning.

Mr. Irsay if you want us to be patient you need to at least treat us with some respect.

Of course that may be too much to ask from a man whose father slinked out of Baltimore in the dark of night.

Hey Irsay, if this move doesn’t work out and Luck in not the greatest thing since sliced bread, I hear Los Angeles is looking for a team.

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