Pizza Hut – Why Do I Try?

My yearly try at obtaining hot pizza from Pizza Hut failed again last night. Some of it was my fault but my stomach doesn’t care.

I decided, with my great wisdom to try Pizza Hut’s online ordering system because the Dominoe’s where we live is always so busy. I went to Pizza Hut’s web site. I entered my address, I entered my zip code, I was presented with a choice of locations. In our small town we have two Pizza Huts. I, of course, chose the one across town because I have tried the other one twice and it was terrible both times. Apparently the choice I was given was merely an illusion. I now know, no matter what location you choose it defaults to the one I hate. Yes it was my fault for not noticing when I clicked the first location the web site automatically picked the second location on the list. I was wrong for believing I actually had a choice, just like I was wrong thinking sooner or later I might get hot pizza from Pizza Hut.

So I completed my order in the bliss of stupidity and prepared for the ten minute drive across our small town.

Now remember the first Pizza Hut is the “good one” in our tiny burg. I made the short trek and walked in exactly the time the web site said it would be ready. I was greeted at the door by no one so I walked to the counter where a woman stared at me until I spoke. I told her my name and told her I oredered online. She replied, “we don’t do that here”. I explained I purposely chose her location because I don’t like the other one. She said she would “check’. Another woman rolled her eyes and said “we never done that”. The first woman picked up the phone and called , I assume, the other location. She then informed me, “it’s over there”.

I then drove “over there”. I walked in. Just like the other Pizza Hut, no one greeted me so I walked to the counter and told the two women standing behind the counter my name. One woman said, ‘you deal with that’ and walked away. The other woman retrieved our pizza from a shelf. I asked why all Pizza hut employees were so miserable tonight and she proudly exclaimed, “this is not Pizza Hut, this is Drama Hut”. She was going to say more but a server yelled from across the service area, “I am not waiting on that table”. There was a back and forth but it isn’t worth repeating.

I paid for my pizza and drove home. I opened it and it was not hot. It was not cold either so we began to eat it. I found out why it didn’t hold heat, it wasn’t cooked thoroughly.

I know my story doesn’t have a happy ending. It isn’t truly funny. It has no moral – just cold raw pizza.

But my story does have a suggestion; Always buy your pizza from the busy place. There is a reason they are busy.

J Pat

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