Prime Rib for Christmas

It’s that time of year again and the question arises.

Do we eat roasted turkey or prime rib roast or Christmas. I like both as do most of my family. My one son, believe it or not, doesn’t like prime rib. He likes turkey just fine. He also likes shrimp. If we do prime rib we will probably steam some shrimp for him.

Shrimp is easy enough to cook. A few dozen shrimp, some boiling water to create steam, a little Old Bay seasoning. wait for the water to boil throw the shrimp into it, shrimp turns bright pink and they are ready to eat.

Easy enough.

Prime rib isn’t much harder. I use the recipe for prime rib my father taught me. Takes about two hours. The hardest part is; it also takes about $90 these days. Seven bucks a pound and about fourteen pounds of beef makes for a more expensive dinner than turkey.

But after all it is Christmas. So why not butcher a cow in the name of our Lord and enjoy.

Besides I can always buy a cheaper gift for my kids and it will all even out.

I am sure they won’t mind.

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