Rally’s Hamburgers

I recently went to Rally’s Hamburgers. You would think with a name like that they would be able to cook hamburgers. You would be wrong!

For those of you who have never heard of Rally’s maybe you have a Checkers near you. They are very similar and owned by the same company. They originally focused entirely on their drive through business. They should go back to their previous priorities. Not because it was better but because they have no business allowing people to witness what I saw.

It was very similar to a trip to the zoo except captive animals aren’t as loud and they do have some considerations for other living creatures. I have read many times one thing that separates humans and the animal kingdom is embarrassment. This was not evident while I sat in Rally’s trying to choke down the most disgusting burger I have eaten, sober.

I am not sure what the burger had done but it was evident it was stomped into submission for some reason. It was not even remotely similar to the picture on the Rally’s menu board except for I am guessing taste. Although thinking the picture, made of some kind of poster board, had as bad a taste as my burger is a stretch. I will have to admit the fries with the burger were kind of tasty. I do think a “medium” order of fries should at least fill a “medium” card board container. If you notice the picture I have included with my little story – I had not eaten a single fry when the photo was taken. So I imagine at this point you are getting the idea I wasn’t thrilled with the food. Believe it or not that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part was the before mentioned zoo like dining room.

Lets start with the self service ice machine. It was so loud I could not hear my son speak and we were standing side by side. Then I saw the napkin dispenser. I do commend them for their devotion to education by having a science experiment in public view but what ever it was that was growing on the dispenser kind of freaked me out. It appeared to be a cross pollination of crud and mold but I couldn’t be sure without genetic testing. This may explain why the floor was littered with napkins and straws. My guess is people grabbed their paper needs then saw the mutation and in the startled state dropped everything and ran. Either that or they hadn’t bothered to sweep all day. It’s one or the other.

Now we come to the true zoo like atmosphere.

The counter people and management didn’t seem to have a grasp of the “inside voice” theory. Though that could be a product of speaking over a very loud, water freezing appliance but I doubt it. The reason I doubt it is – they not only spoke loudly – they spoke of things I had no interest but at that decibel level had no choice but to hear.

I will recite one of many examples; Did you know that the customer in the KFC uniform wondered what he and the counter person were going to do after work. The counter person said, we’re goin’ to mama’s”. This statement was immediately rebutted by the customer in the Hardee’s uniform by yelling (no exaggeration), “No you aren’t. Mama had a hard day and she’s tired”. Which the counter person replied in an even louder voice, “But Mama!”. This is were the inside voice would of been appreciated by me. Of course it would of meant one of them getting within 30 feet of the other one while they talked.

It was about this point we left.

I of course wrote my complaints to the Rally’s Hamburgers website, thinking they would care.

The following day I got a nice phone call from an assistant manager who admittedly had no control over any of the concerns I expressed. She offered me a free hamburger, to which I replied, “I went in their restaurant once I am sure not going to go in their again”. I didn’t tell her what I was really thinking – yeah I go in there and tell them I complained and I want my free hamburger and they make me a real special burger with extra “sauce’. After this thought I  then I asked her just how long they make the hamburgers in advance. She told me they make them fresh. I of course corrected her and said, “no you are supposed to make them fresh because mine was at least 20 minutes old”. The reason I know this is, when a burger with cheese nears the 20 minute mark the proteins in the meat consume the cheese. My burger had a nice ring of cheese but very little in the middle where the cheese contacted the meat. She argued a little but I wasn’t listening. I thanked her for her call and hung up shortly after the exchange.

Then as time went by, I got more and more aggravated, that they had someone call not to really fix anything but to buy me off with a spit burger, so I called corporate again.

The nice woman listened politely then proceeded with some corporate fertilizer. I finally told her if they don’t  care I don’t either but I thought it was pretty weak to make the nice assistant manger do their dirty work when she didn’t have control over the situation. I was then asked if I would like someone from the corporation to call me. I answered yes.

Apparently I made the mistake of assuming someone was calling. Now after over a week I realize she was just curious and had no real intention of having someone calling me.

But on the good side you will never ever again be subjected to a story by me titled “Rally’s Hamburgers”.

J Pat

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