Ron Jaworski Cut From Monday Night Football

ESPN makes another great move. The sports network has cut Ron Jaworski from it’s Monday Night Football announcing team. This leaves Jon Gruden and some other guy left in the booth to call the games.

I applaud their effort!

I now can fully utilize the mute button during the games because who in their right mind wants to hear Jon Gruden pontificate for three hours every Monday Night. His droning on and on and on and on about every subject gets old before the game even starts. At least Jaworski lended some insight from a players point of view. Gruden lends insight from who the hell knows what.

I long for the days when sports announcers simply called the game. In my youth, when you listened to games, all you heard was description of the action and a few anecdotes here and there.  Now every sports caster has to try to dazzle us with their understanding of the game. Gruden, no one cares what you did while coaching the Bucs ten years ago. All we want to know is what happened on the last play of the game we are watching. Something you often fail to tell us because your big pie hole is too busy flapping to notice two teams are playing football in front of you. And don’t get me started on your constant second guessing of the coaches. If you want to coach then coach for Christ sakes and shut the hell up. If not then announce and quit pretending you know more about the NFL than Lombardi himself.

If you haven’t noticed I was being facetious when I said this was a great move for ESPN. A great move would have been firing Gruden and keeping Ron Jaworski in the MNF booth.

But great moves are way too much to ask of any network who thinks a good place to show case Charissa Thompson is three o’clock in the afternoon. Yes, you have the hottest female sports caster in the business and you think to yourself, “lets hide her in the afternoon where no one will notice her Playboy level looks.”

Who is running that network?

The U.S. Congress?

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