She Has the Weight of the World

I am scared for America.

Our democracy has turned into anarchy. There is mass confusion and no supervision. Corporate America is running amuck and I am the only one that cares.

Me and Chrissy.

Me you know but let me tell you about Chrissy. She works in Michigan for a huge corporation known as Conectiv. Her job as it appears is to be the biggest bitch you have ever spoken too. But we can forgive her of that because of her willingness to control the world.

Yes she is trying to control the world. You see Chrissy works for a very large corporation but she has no supervision. She apparently not only answers the phone but she is the only person at Conectiv with any authority. She is also the only person there that can come to the phone. I know this because when I asked to speak to her supervisor she said “that her supervisor had just stepped out”. When I said that I would like to speak to anyone but her she said she was the only one I could talk to. When I said I would like to end the call and could she have her supervisor call me when she got back in, she said ,”it would take two days for her supervisor to call”. This is when I figured out the problem.

Chrissy may be a little bitch with the attitude of a scalded cat but at least she can handle a phone. I don’t know about you but even in the most stressful times I can complete a phone call in minutes, maybe even seconds.Can you imagine being poor little scalded cat Chrissy with the misfortune of having a boss so stupid her phone skills are measured in days. It is no wonder Chrissy is moody, she has a moron for a supervisor.

I guess this is why Chrissy has decided to run the corporation completely on her own. She has seen the problem and has said no to anarchy. No to corporate Conectiv running a muck. She has said no to politeness.

We at Club Husband applaud her efforts. We like people that take control. Her plan is brilliant. Her implementation of the details are flawless. We think she will succeed.
She will succeed at driving every last customer from using her corporation’s services.
But hey, who needs customers when you have employees like Chrissy.

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