Shopping for Appliances

Serena Williams beat Jelena Jankovic. Tom Brady has - possibly – a season ending injury. My West Virginia Mountaineers were “upset” by a very good East Carolina football team. Dale Earnhardt Jr made the Chase and will make a run at his first championship.

Even though these are all compelling stories the biggest news of the weekend was me finally proving my skills as a prophet. I, last week, correctly predicted the future.

I predicted, by the power company shutting off my power every ten minutes, my “refrigerator would be trash”. Guess what? Saturday night the ice trays were water trays and the frozen foods were thawed. The power company accomplished the mission of trashing my refrigerator.

So today we will  go shopping for a new one with money we don’t have. We also will most undoubtedly shop for matching ranges and dishwashers with more money we don’t have. I don’t understand why all the appliance have to match but apparently there is some sort of law stating this fact.

Yes of course we could buy a refrigerator that matches the old range. But I have been told I don’t like that color. You say - what about the dishwasher? Well it never did match the other two. Obviously the previous owners of the house didn’t know of the ordinance about matching appliances.

I guess spending money on matching appliances is an easier way to prove prophecy than parting an ocean or walking on water, so I will count my blessings.

I will count them because after the today it will be the only thing I have to count!

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