Singing Shows

My wife is obsessed with the singing shows American Idol and The Voice. I don’t mind except when there is a decent game on and she has the big screen TV occupied with a show mostly about audio.

Why does she have to watch a show about sound on a 73 inch TV? Don’t the singers sound the same on our smaller television? Not only that but from what I saw, when I walked in the room Monday, a small TV would keep people from throwing up their dinner. I was unlucky enough to witness Christina Aguilera bounding around the stage in an outfit meant for a woman much smaller.

It was a shorts and stockings thing which looked like it was about to burst. Let me tell you if it did it would of maimed most of the front row. The explosion would of been large enough to record on the Richter Scale. It was at least two sizes too small and that is probably being kind!

Then there is American Idol.

All I hear about every Wednesday and Thursday is about how the judges are so stupid with their criticism. Is this an observation that needs to be made on my meant for sports Mitsubishi 3D television?

First of all who ever thought Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and J-LO were going to spout a sliver of usable thought is unaware of these people’s capabilities. Jackson plays a mean Bass guitar, Tyler could sing (maybe still can) and J-Lo’s talent is marrying people who can further her talentless auto tuned career. None of these things requires intelligence. And again all can be viewed nicely on a 35 inch television.

So why, when the Celtics play, do i get stuck on the small TV? Maybe because it’s easier to retire to the other room than listen to all the reasons a person (my wife) has to see the singers to appreciate them.

Sometimes I wish I could view that on a smaller screen!

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