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Snow shoveling

How to snow shovel? A guide on safe snow shoveling. A list of tips, step by step on shoveling snow If you can't shovel snow after reading this buy a snow blower!

Snow shoveling? If you are like me - lazy - you hate snow shoveling.

It is cold, it has to be done early and I don't want to do it. Unfortunately I, from time to time, am required to remove snow from our side walk. Snow shoveling is one of the worse things for my back or yours. It is almost impossible to do it with out risk but there are some things you can do to give your back a fighting chance.

First choice is get the wife to do it. If that fails go to the hardware store and get one of the snow shovels with the bent handles. They may look odd but it does help. Also I use and recommend a durable plastic snow shovel because it weighs less and every ounce counts when that big snow storm hits.

Next thing, don't bend over to scoop snow into the shovel. Stand straight and push it along by holding the handle of the shovel towards the top.. When you have filled your snow shovel, bend your knees, lift the snow shovel, if right handed with your left hand near the scoop of the snow shovel, keeping your back as straight as humanly possible. Use your legs to lift the snow shovel. Then instead of tossing the snow. Walking  as upright as possible, walk the few steps, or many, and place the snow where you want it ( more likely where the wife wants it ). No matter how lazy and tired you get DO NOT twist your back! The twisting motion leaves your back vulnerable to the worst injuries

One thing I have found lessens the load is to apply a snow melt agent or even table salt at the first sight of a flake. This will work well unless it is a very low temperature storm. Remember snow shoveling is one of the most strenuous exercises and should be treated as such. No matter what the wife says, take breaks. Do not over exert. The snow is not going anywhere and chances are neither are you during a big storm.

If you follow all these directions you will lessen your chance of a sore back but nothing will eliminate the risk entirely. I have found that the first snow shoveling of the year always causes a little discomfort. I am not a doctor ( I don't have the patience for medicine ) but I can tell you that like a baseball pitcher after a game I down a couple of ibuprofen when I come in  from the cold and it seems to help.

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