Sports Radio Call In

Have you ever wondered the average IQ of the people who call in to sports radio shows? I have and I am taking the under on 80 points. These guys think they know everything about people they have never been within 25 stadium rows of but they couldn’t pass freshman English or third grade math for that matter.

Morons, morons and more morons are all I hear. Ask them to name how many Justices are on the U.S. Supreme Court (nine for those playing at home) and they stare blankly like a deer about to meet the grill of a Ford F150.

Ask them any sports question and they give you ten minutes of barely coherent babble about it. They knew why the player did it, when the coach did it and when the owner will do it. They are idiot savants who forgot the savant part.

This is a commentary on our education system and the comment is we failed these block heads.

They can’t form complete sentences but they insist the radio listening world is waiting with baited press for their thoughts on sports.

They know all about what is about to happen but conveniently forget they are always wrong after the fact.

Their expertise is only in the fictional future and not the factual past.

Fortunately for the rest of us our radios receive plenty of channels and have small little knobs and buttons allowing us to turn off and tune out the stupidity of their thoughts.

Unfortunately, for the morons, they believe they are enlightening the masses but they are only killing the ratings of talk radio.

But at least I get to switch to a little bit of music and and thats a good thing on a long car ride.

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